Digital Materials & 3D for Ecommerce

October 12, 2021

This intermediate level workshop will cover uses of 3D assets in the fashion industry and build the business case for web and ecommerce as the endgame for 3D prototyping. Showing high-fidelity 3D models in a web viewer can present technical challenges, and understanding digital materials is key to successful 3D web integration. This workshop will identify key elements to be aware of when developing 3D models for the web and illustrate the design process for easy web integration. Digital materials will be covered in-depth, with practical information on PBR, UV Maps and texture baking. Participants will understand how 3D and ecommerce can enhance their business and what’s required to begin leveraging these benefits.

The application period has closed for this workshop.

Time Frame

  • 1:00-3:30 p.m. EST

Topics covered

  • 3D Modeling in Fashion
  • Case studies for web 3D, ecommerce, AR & VR
  • Components of a digital fabric
  • PBR & 3D Texturing
  • 3D for the web
  • Optimization
  • Enabling web integration
  • Design processes
  • Best practices

Why Attend 

  • Build in-depth knowledge of digital materials
  • Discover how to integrate 3D for the web into existing design processes
  • Understand PBR, UV Maps & Texture Baking, and why these are important in your process


  • This is an intermediate-level course. Participants should come in with a basic familiarity with 3D programs used in fashion digital prototyping. We suggest taking our “Introduction to Digital Prototyping” workshop.