Meeting Product Development Specifications

July 26, 2022

Brands and retailers issue product specifications to their suppliers to ensure product quality.  Manipulation of the construction parameters by the manufacturer can allow for better profits while still meeting the product minimum and maximum limits set by the brands and retailers.  This workshop will use product case studies as a discussion and teaching technique for a better understanding of the impact of product specifications.

The application period has closed for this workshop.

Time Frame

  • 1:00-3:30 pm


Topics Covered

  • Full disclosure of product specifications that relate to weight, yield, width, shrinkage, and other physical parameters.
  • How to best communicate with your mill and understand the changes they may make to achieve a spec.


Why Attend

  • Acquire technical knowledge of product construction and specifications.
  • Improve communication with your suppliers.
  • Receive first class instruction from industry professionals.



This is an intermediate level course.  Knowledge of textile fundamentals is highly recommended.