Meeting Product Development Specifications

August 16, 2019
Hong Kong

This workshop will cover how to manipulate textile-product construction parameters to improve profits while meeting the specifications set by brands and retailers to ensure product quality. Discussing product case studies will help you understand the impacts of construction parameters on cost and quality. Instructors with mill and product-development experience will lead small interactive groups in using demonstration programs developed by the instructors — participants will enter their own information into the programs to fine-tune construction parameters to meet assigned targets. Come prepared to part of an active discussion.

Please email if interested in attending this workshop. Registration for international workshops is not available through the CottonWorks™ website.

Topics Covered

  • Product specifications that relate to weight, yield, width, shrinkage, and other physical parameters.
  • Fine-tuning of construction parameters to optimize cost while meeting product specifications.

Why Attend

  • Acquire technical knowledge of product construction and specifications.
  • Understand the cost and performance impacts of construction parameters.
  • Receive first-class instruction from industry professionals.
  • Gain experience through hands-on interactive exercises using prediction programs.
  • Meet peers from other companies with similar responsibilities and interests.


This is an intermediate-level workshop. Knowledge of textile fundamentals is strongly recommended.