Introduction to Cotton

May 25, 2021

Introduction to Cotton is a one-day survey workshop that provides an overview of one of the world’s leading fibers. From dirt to shirt, it’s an ideal opportunity for participants that work with cotton products to learn more about the fiber. The ideal participant may be in raw materials, sourcing, or merchandising – but they may also be in sales, legal, accounting, or other roles.  At the end of the workshop, the instructors will be available for an extended Q&A session to ensure you gain a solid understanding of this versatile fiber.

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Time Frame

  • 1:00-3:30 p.m. ET

Topics Covered

  • The physical and performance characteristics of cotton fibers.
  • Trade, production, and prices for cotton.
  • Traceability, sustainability, and labeling for cotton.
  • How cotton is transformed into textile products.
  • Resources available to help designers, sourcing specialists, merchandisers, and product developers work with cotton.

Why Attend

  • Learn basic properties of cotton fibers.
  • Identify and understand Pima, Upland, and other basic cotton terms used in the market.
  • Learn how cotton is grown, traded, marketed, and sourced.
  • Gain insight into the fundamentals of how cotton prices are determined, forecasted, and used in sourcing and trading.
  • Receive an overview of how cotton fibers are used in textile products.
  • Get introduced to current issues in cotton such as sustainability, traceability, and labeling requirements.
  • Learn how to use CottonWorks™ as a resource.


This is an introductory workshop. No prerequisites are required.