Fiber & Yarn Fundamentals

March 29 - 30, 2022

This beginner-level workshop will introduce you to important fiber and yarn quality parameters. You will learn how fibers and yarns are selected for given products based upon retailer’s predetermined quality and performance standards. The workshop will cover the many different types of yarns and how each type impacts knit and woven fabric properties. The workshop will also address how yarn parameters vary for knits versus wovens. Videos, animations, drawings, pictures, and “pop-up” quizzes will enhance your learning experience. The workshop content will also include some virtual fabric samples containing different types of novelty yarns.

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Time Frame

1-3 p.m. ET


Topics Covered

  • The impact of fiber properties
  • Important yarn types with associated properties
  • Criteria to select the right yarn for desired product performance
  • Novelty yarns and their impact on fabrics
  • Differences in yarn properties for woven and knit fabrics


Why Attend

  • Learn important considerations for selecting the right yarn for a given product.
  • Gain appreciation for the impact of yarn type choice on fabric and product performance.
  • Receive first-class instruction from industry professionals.
  • Meet peers from other companies with similar responsibilities and interests.



  • This is a beginner-level course.