Designing Wovens

Welcome to Designing Wovens where you will learn about “Defining the Product”, “Technical Design”, and “Design Implications.”

Defining the Product

In defining a woven fabric product, we need to ask such questions as, What is the target market (home fashions or apparel)? If apparel, is it women’s wear, men’s wear, juniors, or children’s? What is the end use (suiting, blouses, curtains, etc.)? The market will determine the selection of fiber type and content, the yarn size, type, and texture, and the type of weave.

Technical Design

After the concept is approved, the technical design is developed. The technical design consists of three fundamental elements used by the weaver to construct the fabric: the weave design, the draw-in draft, and the chain plan.

Design Implications

Seemingly simple changes to the design can have far-reaching effects on product performance and aesthetics. Changes in warp and filling thread counts, yarn sizes, and other parameters can be measured and adjusted to meet or maintain product specifications.