Made in the USA: Yarn Spinners

U.S. Cotton Yarn Spinners


There are numerous examples of individual links in the U.S. supply chain that have built relationships to provide solutions for brands and retailers incorporating their individual products.


Looking for your link in yarn spinning? Here are a few options for cotton yarn spinners in the USA.


If you are a supplier working with cotton and would like to be included on this list, please contact us.

Buhler Quality Yarns


Location: Jefferson, GA

Capabilities: Ring, Air-Jet, Counts Ne 13/1 – 110/1, Heathers, Slub, Cationic, Blends


Cap Yarns

Location: Mt. Pleasant, NC

Capabilities: OE, Ring, Counts Ne 4/1 – 40/1, Heathers, Slub, Cationic, Blends


Cotswold Industries/Central Textiles


Location: New York, NY


Frontier Spinning


Location: Sanford, NC

Capabilities: OE, Air-Jet, Counts Ne 4/1 – 50/1, Heathers, Blends, Organic Cotton


Hill Spinning


Location: Thomasville, NC

Capabilities: Ring, Counts Ne 3/1 – 30/1, Slub, Cationic, Organic Cotton


Keer Group


Location: Fort Mill, SC

Capabilities: OE, Ring, Counts Ne 6/1 – 20/1, Slub, Core-Spun, Blends

Parkdale Mills


Location: Gastonia, NC

Capabilities: OE, Ring, Air-Jet, Counts Ne 2/1 – 50/1, Heathers, Slub, Core-Spun, Organic Cotton


Pharr Yarns


Location: McAdenville, NC

Capabilities: bulked continuous filament carpet yarn extrusion, space dyeing, cabling, heat-setting


SAS Textiles


Location: New York, NY


Shuford Yarns, LLC


Location: Hickory, NC

Capabilities: OE, Ring, Air-Jet, Counts Ne 3/1 – 30/1, Blends


SpunLab, a Division of Parkdale


Location: Gastonia, NC


Swift Spinning, Inc.

Location: Columbus, GA

Capabilities: cotton ring-spun yarns for hosiery, specialty weaving, knitted apparel markets