Quality Assurance

Independent Testing Laboratories

To support your product development process, Cotton Incorporated has compiled a list of potential independent testing laboratories.

The Art of Shrinkage Control: Shrinkage Testing

Learn about “Shrinkage Testing.”

The Art of Shrinkage Control: Knit Fabric Shrinkage

Learn about “Fundamentals of Knit Fabric Shrinkage”, “Knitting Parameters”, “Dyeing and Finishing Parameters”, and “Chemical Finishing.”

The Art of Shrinkage Control: Shrinkage Basics

Learn about “Impact of Shrinkage”, “Shrinkage Defined”, “Types of Shrinkage”, and “Physics of Shrinkage.”

The Art of Quality Testing: Care and Appearance

Learn about “Appearance”, “Colorfastness”, “Lightfastness”, “Rating Procedures”, “Dimensional Stability”

The Art of Quality Testing: Durability

Learn about “Strength”, “Abrasion Resistance”, and “Pilling.” 

The Art of Quality Testing: Construction

Learn about “Fiber”, “Yarn”, and “Fabric.”

The Art of Quality Testing: Product Sampling and Conditioning

Learn about “Product Sampling and Conditioning”.

Sourcing the Best Cotton Products: Understanding and Overcoming Skewing

Learn to improve the performance of your quality goods as textile expert Don Bailey delves into key textile techniques.

Sourcing the Best Cotton Products: Overcoming Shrinkage

Controlling shrinkage of textile and apparel products impacts the design and production planning in manufacturing or sourcing products.

Understanding & Overcoming Pilling

One of the most common complaints concerning product aesthetics and performance is that of pilling.

Consumers Speak: Apparel Changes that Impact Satisfaction

Join this webinar to learn how consumer reviews impact purchases and how apparel performance issues coupled with fabrication changes can adversely...

Advanced Quality Assurance: Performance & Stains

Oil and stain resistance are desirable attributes of fabrics—in the garments we wear to protect us, well, against ourselves!

Advanced Quality Assurance: Performance & Water

In the performance water chapter, testing is focused on the absorption of liquid and its movement on the surface of and/or through a fabric.

Advanced Quality Assurance: Performance & Stretch and Growth

The attribute of fabric stretch has associated properties that are as important as the stretch characteristic itself.

Advanced Quality Assurance: Flammability

Learn about the three flammability standards pertinent to apparel and children’s sleepwear.

Advanced Quality Assurance: Comfort

Learn the fundamental aspects of fabric comfort, from air permeability to drying.