Quality Assurance

The Art of Shrinkage Control: Shrinkage Testing

Learn about “Shrinkage Testing.”

The Art of Shrinkage Control: Knit Fabric Shrinkage

Learn about “Fundamentals of Knit Fabric Shrinkage”, “Knitting Parameters”, “Dyeing and Finishing Parameters”, and “Chemical Finishing.”

The Art of Shrinkage Control: Shrinkage Basics

Learn about “Impact of Shrinkage”, “Shrinkage Defined”, “Types of Shrinkage”, and “Physics of Shrinkage.”

The Art of Quality Testing: Care and Appearance

Learn about “Appearance”, “Colorfastness”, “Lightfastness”, “Rating Procedures”, “Dimensional Stability”

The Art of Quality Testing: Durability

Learn about “Strength”, “Abrasion Resistance”, and “Pilling.” 

The Art of Quality Testing: Construction

Learn about “Fiber”, “Yarn”, and “Fabric.”

The Art of Quality Testing: Product Sampling and Conditioning

Learn about “Product Sampling and Conditioning”.

Sourcing the Best Cotton Products: Understanding and Overcoming Skewing

Learn to improve the performance of your quality goods as textile expert Don Bailey delves into key textile techniques.

Sourcing the Best Cotton Products: Overcoming Shrinkage

Controlling shrinkage of textile and apparel products impacts the design and production planning in manufacturing or sourcing products.

Understanding and Overcoming Pilling

One of the most common complaints concerning product aesthetics and performance is that of pilling.

Consumers Speak: Apparel Changes that Impact Satisfaction

Join this webinar to learn how consumer reviews impact purchases and how apparel performance issues coupled with fabrication changes can adversely...

Advanced Quality Assurance: Performance & Stains

Oil and stain resistance are desirable attributes of fabrics—in the garments we wear to protect us, well, against ourselves!

Advanced Quality Assurance: Performance & Water

In the performance water chapter, testing is focused on the absorption of liquid and its movement on the surface of and/or through a fabric.

Advanced Quality Assurance: Performance & Stretch and Growth

The attribute of fabric stretch has associated properties that are as important as the stretch characteristic itself.

Advanced Quality Assurance: Flammability

Learn about the three flammability standards pertinent to apparel and children’s sleepwear.

Advanced Quality Assurance: Comfort

Learn the fundamental aspects of fabric comfort, from air permeability to drying.