Marketing Resources

Discover why cotton is the right choice for various nonwoven markets and products. Gain insight into why the Seal of Cotton is a trusted indicator of cotton products and how to take part in the Seal’s licensing program.

Trademark Licensing

The Seal of Cotton trademark provides a visual reference for consumers to identify cotton products. Learn about the steps in licensing the Seal.

Power of the Seal

Consumer Driven Appeal. Did you know 94% consumers say that the Seal of Cotton help them to identify cotton products?

Baby Wipes

Consumers Prefer Cotton. Cotton Delivers. Find out what is most important to parents when it comes to their baby wipes, and why cotton is the preferred fiber to meet their needs.

Adult Incontinence

Consumers’ choice for security and skin health. Learn why consumers rely on cotton for their incontinence products.

Global Feminine Hygiene

Global Consumer Solutions. Discover key trends in the global feminine hygiene market and how cotton products appeal to consumers all over the world.

Natural Benefits of Unbleached Cotton

Discover why mechanically cleaned cotton can work in a variety of nonwoven products.