Made in the USA: Cut & Sew Manufacturers

There are numerous examples of individual links in the U.S. supply chain that have built relationships to provide solutions for brands and retailers incorporating their individual products.


Looking for your link in cut and sew manufacturing? Here are a few options for cut and sew manufacturers for cotton in the USA.

America Premium Jeans


Location: El Paso, TX

Product Focus: Wovens, Denim, CMT, Apparel, Uniforms


Briarcliff Apparel Technologies Ltd.

Location: New York, NY

Product Focus: Knits, Wovens, Denim, CMT, Apparel, Uniforms


East Bay Garment Cutting & Sewing Service

Location: Oakland, CA

Product Focus: Knits, Wovens, Denim, CMT, Apparel, Home


Excel Manufacturing


Location: El Paso, TX

Product Focus: Wovens, Denim, Apparel, Uniforms


Lebanon Apparel Corporation dba LA CORP


Location: Levanon, VA

Product Focus: Knits, Wovens, Denim, Apparel, Home


M.S.R. Custom Made Shirts

Location: Ridgefield, NJ

Product Focus: Wovens, Apparel


Monalisa Manufacturing


Location: Allentown, PA

Product Focus: Knits, Wovens, Apparel

S. Kanouni Design & Pattern Studio


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Product Focus: Knits, Wovens, Apparel


Sarah Lynn Sportswear, Inc.


Location: Allentown, PA

Product Focus: Knits, CMT, Apparel, Uniforms


SG Knits

Location: Gardena, CA

Product Focus: Knits, CMT, Apparel


Suncoast Trends Corp.

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Product Focus: Knits, Wovens, Denim, Apparel, Uniforms


Topps Safety Apparel Inc.


Location: Rochester, IN

Product Focus: Wovens, CMT, Uniforms


Topwin Corporation dba Global Point (GPI)


Location: Torrance, CA

Product Focus: Knits, Wovens, CMT