Seal of Cotton

Licensing the Seal of Cotton

Research conducted to understand consumer appeal for the Seal of Cotton shows that consumers overwhelmingly prefer to purchase products labeled with the Seal of Cotton. More than 8 out of 10 consumers recognize the Seal of Cotton and believe it helps them easily identify cotton products. Additionally, 85% of consumers also perceive products with the Seal of Cotton trademark as soft, comfortable, natural, and good quality.

Trademark Licensing

As one of the most powerful consumer influencers, the Seal of Cotton has proven to be an effective sales builder. Cotton Incorporated licenses interested companies to use the Seal of Cotton trademark on qualifying products. By utilizing the Seal of Cotton on products, you instantly link your products with the consumer promotion and advertising campaign conducted by Cotton Incorporated, with millions of consumer impressions on TV and online.


The Seal of Cotton trademark may be licensed on both domestically-produced and imported cotton products that are approved by Cotton Incorporated. In most cases, licensing is granted to qualifying products on a royalty-free basis. All packaging artwork or hangtags featuring the Seal of Cotton must be pre-approved by Cotton Incorporated.


The below chart summarizes the percent cotton required for various product categories.

What Are the Steps in Licensing?

1. Submit a quick, one-page product information sheet along with a sample of your product. All information is kept confidential.


2. Once the product information sheet and sample are received and approved, you will receive a license agreement to sign and return.


3. After Cotton Incorporated signs the agreement, a fully executed copy will be returned to you.


4. Cotton Incorporated will then provide you with the trademark artwork in the appropriate file format.


5. Before producing any artwork or packaging incorporating the Seal of Cotton, submit the artwork files to Cotton Incorporated to ensure the trademark is used properly.


There are no fees or royalties involved. We just require the use of cotton!

Marketing Support

The Seal of Cotton may be incorporated into existing hangtags or product packaging, or can be used in sew-in labels within the garment. We will be happy to work with companies to discuss needs and offer marketing support to help you develop the best solution for your products.

Seal of Cotton: Nonwovens