Visual Merchandising: Investigating Design Principles & Art Elements

Welcome to the Visual Merchandising (Section 4, Part 2 & 3): Investigating Design Principles and Art Elements to Communicate Store Image and Build Profitable Retail Sales course.


(Part 2-1) 15 Point Checklist for Displays

Investigating Design Principles and Art Elements to Communicate Store Image and Build Profitable Retail Sales  




  • Does the merchandise or display —
    • Attract attention?
    • Build store and fashion image?
    • Assist customers in self-selection?
    • Present the “total look” depicting the target consumer’s lifestyle?
    • Inform the customer of the latest fashion trends?
    • Sell merchandise?


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(Part 2-2) Ten (10) Common Sense Rules for Displaying



  • Never display one remaining piece of an item (unless it is a one-of-a-kind, very exclusive, or represents the entire classification).
  • Never mix sizes of coordinates or layered items.
  • Always display the smaller size of a garment when available.
  • Always position the display near the featured merchandise.
  • Always accessorize in order to present the “total look.” Remember, sometimes “less is more.”
  • Remember, merchandise comes first, but close behind is the idea (theme).
  • Always pay close attention to the small details such as housekeeping, visible tickets, wrinkles, etc.
  • Carefully choose an attention-getting device.
  • Select merchandise that is new and newsworthy.
  • Always select display techniques that enhance the merchandise and present a consistent store and fashion image to the target consumer. View more via the button below!

(Part 3) Summary of Merchandise Presentation & Display for Communicating Store Image & Building Profitable Sales

In summary of “Establishing the Retail Environment/Store Image: Visual Merchandising and Display”, a review of “The Six Basic Principles of a Retail Merchandise Presentation or Display” is presented via the file the link below