Cotton Home Textiles

Cotton remains the number one fiber preferred for home textile products in the U.S. consumer market.



Compared to blended and all-synthetic home products, the majority of consumers say that 100% cotton home products are:









Even more – it’s scientifically proven that you actually do sleep better on cotton. Cotton is cooler, more comfortable, breathes better, and provides a more restful sleep experience than products made from synthetic fibers.


As a decision-maker in the textile supply chain and as a consumer, you have many choices when it comes to raw materials.


Choosing cotton may be the right choice, but it’s also considered the safest and a natural choice. Eighty-five percent of consumers say cotton is safe for the environment; more than double their safety ratings for rayon and polyester.


Produced by Mother Nature, you will never have to question the petrochemical or bio-based cellulosic sources used to create this fiber. Cotton, unlike its synthetic and cellulosic competitors, does not involve complicated processes that can begin as trees that are ground to pulp, altered in a chemical bath, and extruded as fiber. Cotton is a natural fiber produced directly from a plant.



Since its creation in 1973, the Seal of Cotton trademark has become a globally recognized symbol associated with fashion, durability, quality, and sustainability.


Cotton Incorporated is excited to offer the opportunity for you to leverage the visibility and positive connections to the Seal of Cotton through licensing of the trademark for your cotton products. By calling attention to cotton, you can tell a story that consumers identify with in addition to aligning with the perceptions of quality and trust consumers associate with the Seal of Cotton.

Consumers are more fiber conscious in their home textile purchases compared to apparel and are more likely to check fiber content information.

Created for the active apparel market, Cotton Incorporated’s suite of technical innovations now extends to cotton home textile applications. These technologies take cotton home products to the next level – providing additional comfort, functionality, and the durability of cotton.

Wick moisture, dry faster and increase comfort with the TransDRY® technology for woven and knit bedding. The technology is a yarn application that creates alternating ends of treated yarns, allowing for moisture to move and spread.


Wicks moisture and dries faster for bedding applications


Water and stain protection for life’s accidents. The repel™ technology is an environmentally-friendly, durable technology for cotton home textile products including bedding, tabletop, and upholstery.


Repels liquid and food stains for bedding and upholstery



Transfer moisture directionally away from the body with the WICKING WINDOWS™ technology. Applied as a print application on the technical back of woven or knit fabrics, the technology dries faster and improves overall comfort.


Wicks moisture and dries faster for bedding applications


Prolong the wear-life and abrasion resistance of cotton home textile products such as sheeting and upholstery. The endure™ technology, available in both durable press and non-durable press, significantly increases cotton’s ability to resist abrasion associated with use and laundering.


Resists abrasion and increases durability for bedding and other home fabric applications


Cotton Incorporated’s FABRICAST™ collection is a bi-annual release of inspirational fabric ideas that incorporate new yarns, interesting woven or knit fabric structures, and unique dyeing and finishing techniques. The fabrics are meant to inspire and demonstrate the possibilities of cotton. Cotton Incorporated provides swatches along with full technical details to help you implement these cotton ideas with your global mill partners.


Complementing our development concepts, Cotton Incorporated offers trend forecasting services to inspire your own creativity with cotton. Trend analysts travel the world to develop seasonal forecasts for color and fabric. These forecasts can assist you in your own research on the latest trends in cotton home fashions.


From fabric inspiration to technical know-how, Cotton Incorporated is your cotton home resource. Learn more about how cotton can be enhanced with technology or engineered naturally to outperform even the toughest challenges in your home.