Cotton Engineered to Insulate

Cotton fabrics can be uniquely engineered to increase loft and trap air, significantly improving the overall insulating capability of cotton. Designed for active and outdoor markets, insulating cotton fabrics naturally protect against wind and provide thermal regulation while maintaining comfort.

Coupled with topical finishes, coatings or laminated layers, these fabrics can be further enhanced to offer complete moisture management and water-repellent protection, keeping you dry and warm.


The key fabric concepts shown in this performance collection are single knit jacquard blister fabrics, which contain ruffles knitted into the fabric structure, and our cotton spacer knits which have a sponge-like quality through their two separate cotton layers held together with filament nylon and spandex. Both engineered structures provide loft and create a cotton fabric with better wind resistance and thermal regulation. Technical details and sample swatches are available by request through Cotton Incorporated’s FABRICAST™ fabric information system.