What is NATURAL STRETCH™ Technology?

NATURAL STRETCH™ is a mechanical stretch technology designed for 100% cotton woven fabrics. It provides an ultra-comfortable stretch combined with the natural softness of cotton without the use of any spandex. Fabrics with NATURAL STRETCH technology move with your body for a full range of movement while providing superior breathability and comfort.

Easy Care Performance

The NATURAL STRETCH™ technology offers superior easy-care performance for consumers’ busy lifestyles. Unlike traditional stretch fabrics, those with NATURAL STRETCH technology will not lose their elasticity, even after tumble-drying or ironing. NATURAL STRETCH fabrics remain white even when exposed to chlorine in wash water, keeping the garments looking as good as new. And because cotton is a natural fiber, there are no issues with static cling.

Technical Advantage


Several steps are eliminated during the engineering of NATURAL STRETCH™ fabrics, such as core spinning and heat-setting. The process of heat-setting can cause the fabric to lose elasticity if not processed at the right time or temperature, and can cause the spandex to yellow. Only 100% cotton NATURAL STRETCH technology allows the development of durable, comfortable stretch without the use of elastomeric yarns.


The NATURAL STRETCH™ technology has been adopted by major brands and is commercially available through leading manufacturers around the globe. Contact one of these suppliers to implement NATURAL STRETCH into your apparel line.