Fuente y fabricación

Fundamentos de la hilatura

Learn about the basics of yarn manufacturing including its history and fiber selection.

Historia de denim

From the origin of the word "jeans" to its revolution in the fashion industry to where it gets its color, learn more about the history of denim.

Fundamentos de teñido

Learn about color, basic principles, fiber reactive dyes, direct dyes, vat dyes, sulfur dyes, and pigments.

Fundamentos de la producción de hilo

Acércate a las técnicas de hilado (anillo, open-end, aire) y como estas impactan las propiedades de las telas.

Preparación del estampado

Get an overview of the art of printing.

Hilatura: apertura y limpieza

Learn about the opening and cleaning processes of yarn manufacturing.

Hilatura: formación de la napa y cardado

Learn about batt formation and the carding process of yarn manufacturing.

Hilatura: preparación de la fibra

Learn about drawing, combing, and roving.

Procesos de hilatura

Learn about the three different methods for spinning: ring spinning, rotor spinning, and air-jet spinning.

Numeración del hilo

Learn about yarn numbering.

Hilatura: torsión y doblado

Learn about yarn numbering, yarn twist types, and yarn ply.

Fundamentos del tejido plano

Discover why wovens are unique. Learn about warping, slashing, drawing-in, and tying-in.

Diseñando tejidos planos

Learn about designing wovens, including defining the product, technical design, and design implications.

Tipos de tejido plano

Learn about “Plain Weaves”, “Twill Weaves”, and “Satin Weaves.”

Moda sustentable con algodón catiónico

Descubre cómo puedes aprovechar el algodón catiónico para mejorar la eficiencia del teñido y aumentar la gama de diseños.

Desarrollo de diseños de suéteres

Learn about sweater design, including construction, color consideration, product target, and computer-aided design.

Fundamentos de producción de suéteres

Learn about cut and sew, panel knitting, full fashion, and knit-to-wear garments.

Teñido y acabado de suéteres

Learn about dyeing, finishing, and steaming/shaping garments.

Historia de produccion de prendas de vestir

Learn about the history of garment manufacturing.

Componentes de una prenda

Learn about thread, closures, zippers, buttons, findings, trim, and shaping materials.

Construcción de la prenda

Learn about seams and stitches, t-shirt construction, jean construction, and dress-shirt construction.

Evaluación del encogimiento

Learn about shrinkage testing.

Encogimiento del tejido de punto

Learn about the fundamentals of knit fabric shrinkage including knitting parameters, dyeing and finishing parameters, and chemical finishing.

Fundamentos del encogimiento

Learn about the basics of shrinkage.

Procesos básicos y procesos de acabados premium

Learn about the basic process and premium finish process of denim garment finishing.

Trazos, tendido y corte

Learn about pattern engineering, marker making, and cutting methods.

Control de calidad

Learn about fabric quality and systems and inspection.

Historia de la producción de calcetas

Learn about the history of sock manufacturing.

Fundamentos del estampado

Learn about Printing Fundamentals, from basics to afterwashing.

Tipos del estampados

Learn about everything from flat-bed screen printing to digital inkjet printing.

Fundamentos del tejido de calcetas

Learn about sock knitting basics, including machine components, the knitting cylinder, the knitting needle cycle, and machine types.

Técnicas especiales del estampado

Learn about special printing techniques, including resist printing, discharge printing, and transfer printing.

Evaluación de la calidad: cuidados y apariencia

Learn about quality testing: appearance, colorfastness, lightfastness, rating procedures, and dimensional stability.

Fundamentos del tejido de punto

Learn about the basics of knit.

Evaluación de la calidad: durabilidad

Learn about quality testing: strength, abrasion resistance, and pilling.

Evaluación de la calidad: construcción

Learn about quality testing: fiber, yarn, and fabric.

Diseñando tejidos de punto

Learn about designing knits, including defining the product, technical design, and fabric construction.

Componentes de la calceta

Learn about sock components, including welt formation, heel pocket formation, cushioning, reinforcement, patterning, and yarn for socks.

Tejidos sencillos

Learn about the knitting machine, needle action, and knit, tuck, and float stitches.

Formación de la malla

Learn about stitch counts and types of stitches.

Teñido y acabado de calcetas

Learn about rotary drum machines, paddle machines, extraction, continuous scour and bleach, dyeing, finishing, and boarding.

Tejidos dobles

Learn about double knits, including two sets of needles, rib gaiting, and interlock gaiting.

Inspección y empaque de calcetas

Learn about inspection and packaging.

Preparación de acabado

Learn about scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, and final steps in finishing.

Acabado de la máquina

Learn about mechanical finishing, including drying, compaction, calendering, and sanding, napping, and shearing.

Evaluación de calcetas

Learn about fit, stretch, abrasion resistance, pilling, strength, crocking, lightfastness, and colorfastness.

Maquinaria para el acabado

Learn about denim garment finishing machinery, including rotary machines, extraction, tumble drying, and pressing.

Acabado químico

Learn about softeners and builders, functional chemistry, and application systems.

Acabado en húmedo

Learn about denim wet finishing, including desizing/washing, abrasive color loss, color discharge, and chemical finishing.

Acabado en seco

Learn about denim dry finishing, including sanding, brushing, laser, whiskering, and special effects.

Confección de prendas

Learn about spreading, cutting, and sewing denim garments.

Algodón catiónico

Cationic cotton can transform your dyeing routine into an environmentally responsible and efficient process.

Funciónes básicas del telar

Learn about basic functions of the weaving loom, including shedding, filling insertion, beat-up, warp control.