Woven Basics

Why Wovens Are Unique

There is evidence that the first weaving looms were in use 4,000 years ago. The same basic weaves of today were used in ancient times. In 1100, the Weavers Craft Guild was created in England to support the industry and craft of weaving. Woven fabrics are unique because of their extremely wide range of applications. Wovens are a key element of the apparel, home, and industrial fabrics industries.

Warping, Slashing, Drawing-In, & Tying-In

Various processing steps are required to prepare the warp yarns for weaving. “Warping” is the process of gathering the correct number of yarns onto section beams. The yarns are then sized on a slashing range. After sizing, the warp yarns on the now-complete loom beam are either drawn in off the loom or tied in on the loom.