Control Odor Naturally with Cotton

Odor & Activewear


Generating odor during a tough workout is normal. But, consumers don’t want odor sticking with them the rest of the day as they run errands or shop in their activewear post-workout.


In our webinar Control Odor Naturally with Cotton, Dr. Rachel McQueen presents recent research on how odor intensity in cotton compares to polyester pre- and post-workout. Learn about the demand for odor-resistant activewear and how to grow your activewear business with the natural performance of cotton.


Webinar Speakers


  • William Kimbrell, Director, Global Product Supply Chain Marketing, Cotton Incorporated
  • Justin Coates, Manager Market Analysis, Cotton Incorporated
  • Dr. Rachel McQueen, University of Alberta

Control Odor Naturally with Cotton Webinar


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Activewear is no longer limited to tough workouts. But no matter the activity, consumers don’t want to be bothered by odor issues. Being odor-free and having garments that wash clean is essential.


With the natural performance of cotton, consumers can stay fresh and odor-free in their activewear.


Download Control Odor Naturally with Cotton Handout.