History of Sock Manufacturing

Sock Manufacturing History

Throughout history, socks have reflected changing fashions and cultures, as well as the styles of the people who wear them. In fact, hosiery might be considered an “economic indicator,” since the stock market is said to rise and fall in tandem with hemlines.

The term “hosiery” comes from the Anglo-Saxon hossan or hose, which meant a complete covering of the leg. Hossa referred to a light trouser.


The term “stocking” was originally stoka or stump. The Anglo-Saxon term stocks meant a restraint or enclosure.


The term “sock” comes from the Greek sykhos, which referred to a soft, low shoe. The Romans, who adapted many ancient Greek concepts, changed the word to soccus, which the Anglo-Saxons transformed to socc, and the rest is history.

Today, hosiery refers to a wide range of articles, including hosiery, stockings, and socks.