Denim Garment Construction

Garment Construction




Before marking and cutting, the denim fabric must be spread on the cutting table. All rolls must be from the same fabric dye lot. The plies of fabric are placed exactly on top of each other. Care is taken to mark defects and piece ends.



Once the fabric is laid for cutting, the marker is positioned to provide the cutter with an outline of each pattern piece. The markers are arranged to allow for maximum usage of the fabric, with as little waste as possible. It is common for a marker to have several sections, each of which contains all of the pieces needed to make a designated number of garments in a particular size.



The assembly of denim fabric into jeans is a fairly complicated process. After cutting, the parts are marked for shade and then sewn into jeans. The heavy weights of most denim fabric and the fabric’s rigidity mean that heavy-duty sewing machines must be used.