Urban Sportswear Collection

Designed using unique constructions and performance technologies, this urban sportswear collection transforms cotton fabrics into timeless fashion.


Jacquard Button Back Blouse

2022 Collection

Fabric: FK-1097, 7321

Featuring STORM COTTON™ water repellency technology

Jacquard Terry Swiss Dot Dress

2022 Collection

Fabrics: SK-2170-2


Sinker Loop Terry Romper

2022 Collection

Fabric: SK-2153-1A


Recycled French Terry Cardigan

2022 Collection

Fabric: SK-2183-1


Mock Leno Button Up Shirt

2022 Collection

Fabrics: 7380


Recycled Twill Workwear Jacket

2022 Collection

Fabrics: 7371-1

Cotton incorporated collaborated with Stateless Design to design and create this curated garment collection to highlight Cotton Incorporated’s FABRICAST™ fabrics. The fabrics chosen are often enhanced with Cotton Incorporated’s performance technologies for added moisture management or water repellency.