Meet Our Campus Influencers

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Student voices are powerful. That’s why we partner with emerging professionals across the U.S. in our CottonWorks™ Campus Influencers program. Our influencers spread the word about what’s happening in the cotton industry and share the resources available here on CottonWorks™.

Meet our fall 2021 team!

Angelique A.

Angelique A.

School: Washington State University
Major: Apparel Merchandising: Design & Textiles
Dream Job: Merchandise buyer for bridal or visual merchandiser
Best CottonWorks™ Tool: Webinars
Most Worn Cotton Item: Sweatpant

College Advice: Give your best effort in all your projects and treat them as if they are a step closer towards your dream job in the industry! Reach out to classmates and professors. You never know the connections you will create since our industry is built on relationships.

Anna L.

Anna L.

School: North Carolina State University
Major: Fashion & Textile Brand Management & Marketing, with minor in Business Entrepreneurship
Dream Job: Brand manager
Best CottonWorks™ Tool: Trend Forecasting
Most Worn Cotton Item: Mom’s vintage sweatpants

College Advice: Take advantage of every opportunity you can get your hands on. Join all the clubs your college has to offer because the people you meet within those clubs will help you reach your future career goals whether you realize it now or not. We need to embrace every moment we have in college because we have had half of it taken away from us due to Covid.

Bri M.

Bri M.

School: Louisiana State University
Major: Textiles Apparel Merchandising: Fashion Merchandising, with minor in Business Administration
Dream Job: Celebrity stylist
Best CottonWorks™ Tool: Trend Forecast Archives
Most Worn Cotton Item: Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt

College Advice: Studying is important, but also remember to make time for yourself.

Christa D.

Christa D.

School: North Carolina A&T State University
Major: Fashion Merchandising & Design
Dream Job: Fashion designer
Best CottonWorks™ Tool: Textile Encyclopedia
Most Worn Cotton Item: Tie-dye sweatsuit

College Advice: Stay focused, do work ahead of time, and study.

Giselle O.

Giselle O.

School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Major: Fashion Business Management
Dream Job: Buyer
Best CottonWorks™ Tool: Trend Forecasting
Most Worn Cotton Item: Cotton dresses

College Advice: Write down a list of all your goals to help hold yourself accountable and track your progression throughout the school year.

Jakub S.

Jakub S.

School: North Carolina State University
Major: Textile Engineering
Dream Job: Materials developer at REI
Best CottonWorks™ Tool: Performance Technologies
Most Worn Cotton Item: My fitted jeans with holes worn in both knees

College Advice: Be appreciative of being on campus. Connect with old and new classmates and make the most of in-person learning.

Lola G.

Lola G.

School: LIM College
Major: Fashion Merchandising, with minor in Buying & Planning
Dream Job: Buyer
Best CottonWorks™ Tool: Textile Encyclopedia
Most Worn Cotton Item: Big graphic t-shirts

College Advice: Try your best, but remember to give yourself some room to breathe.

Natalie S.

School: Kent State University
Major: Fashion Merchandising, with minors in Business & Marketing
Dream Job: Merchant
Best CottonWorks™ Tool: Resources
Most Worn Cotton Item: Graphic t-shirts

College Advice: Make the most out of every opportunity that is presented to you!

Zoe M.

Zoe M.

School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Majors: Fashion Merchandising, Spanish, Business
Dream Job: Trend forecaster
Best CottonWorks™ Tool: Textile Encyclopedia
Most Worn Cotton Item: Socks

College Advice: Try everything! It never hurts to try a new activity or club! Who knows what could happen? You could meet a new group of friends or learn a new skill.

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