Why did the COTTON UNIVERSITY™ program change to CottonWorks™?

Just as the COTTON UNIVERSITY™ website was your ultimate textile resource, CottonWorks™ is your go-to industry resource as a professional or emerging professional in the apparel and textile industry. We’ve cleaned up our look and improved our user experience to simplify the process of getting to the information you need. CottonWorks™ now encompasses resources across both the product development and marketing processes, making your primary tool for textile education, inspiration, and practical application.

Who is eligible to create a CottonWorks™ account?

CottonWorks™ is the go-to tool for professionals or emerging professionals in the apparel and textile industry. If you are currently working in the industry, preparing for a career in this field, or educating students on apparel or textile-related topics, you are eligible to create a free account.

What are the benefits of having a CottonWorks™ account?

When you create a free account, you gain exclusive access to all that CottonWorks™ has to offer, including:

Custom Lists

Just like playlists you create on your favorite music app, you have the ability to create and save custom lists of CottonWorks™ content to revisit later or to share with your colleagues.

Workshop Registration

If eligible for our CottonWorks™ workshops, a CottonWorks™ account gives you the ability to register through for our upcoming workshops across the United States. We’ve even added a live countdown feature to each workshop listing so you can mark your calendars for the next registration date.

Exclusive Content

While most of the resources at are available to all visitors, certain content is locked for only logged-in users to access. These exclusive pieces of content will be visibly marked with a lock icon and are easily unlocked upon creating a free account or by logging in with your existing account.

Updates Notifications

With your free account, you are opting in on our private mailing list, allowing you to be the first to know about upcoming webinars, new content, and unique opportunities available to you as a CottonWorks™ user.

What are CottonWorks™ workshops?

Workshops are technical training sessions held across the United States and internationally on topics ranging from performance technologies, denim manufacturing, fabric analysis, sweater manufacturing, dyeing, and others. These workshops are available to individuals who work for companies that import cotton and cotton products.

Who is eligible to attend a workshop?

CottonWorks™ workshops are available to individuals who work for companies that import cotton and cotton products. If you have additional questions about eligibility or the registration process, contact us.

Am I able to share information from CottonWorks™ with a friend or colleague?

Absolutely! Find social sharing icons at the top of each content page to share a specific page directly through Twitter or LinkedIn. Interested in sharing multiple pages at once? Log into your CottonWorks™ account and create a custom list of content to send to a colleague who would benefit from the information.

What is Cotton Incorporated and how is CottonWorks™ affiliated?

Cotton Incorporated, funded by U.S. growers of upland cotton and importers of cotton and cotton textile products, is the research and marketing company representing upland cotton. Cotton Incorporated is designed and operated to improve the demand for and profitability of cotton. CottonWorks™ is a resource developed and maintained by Cotton Incorporated as part of the Importer Support Program.

What is the Importer Support Program?

CottonWorks™ is brought to you by the Importer Support Program, a program funded by the Cotton Board and conducted by Cotton Incorporated to benefit U.S. importers of cotton and cotton products.